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Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Granules (GF10-GF40)

Adopting PE as the base resin and evenly mixing it with antioxidant, glass fiber and processing modifier in a high speed, glass fiber reinforced PE granules are formed after twin-screw kneading granulation. Our glass fiber reinforced polyethylene granules are of excellent mechanical properties, good freeze resistance and outstanding dimensional stability. They are widely used for injection molding, reinforced master batch, board and pipeline.

Applications of Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Granules
This glass fiber reinforced polyethylene is extensively applicable for home appliances, electronic components, auto parts, communications, printed plate, rectifier parts, industrial switchboard, electric coil skeleton, integrated circuit parts, automobile electrical appliances, etc.

1. Our glass fiber reinforced PE granules possess excellent mechanical strength, excellent resistance to stress cracking, impact resistance and good workability.
2. This glass fiber reinforced polyethylene also features high hardness, higher heat resistance and superior weather ability.

Specifications of Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Granules                                                         

Properties ASTM Test Condition Unit Typical Values
Physical Properties
Density D-792 23℃ g/cm3 1.05-1.30
Melt Flow Index D-1238 230℃ / 2.16 kg g/10min 1-5
Mold Shrinkage D-955 23℃ % 0.4-1.2
Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene
Tensile Strength D-638 10 mm / min MPa 30-70
Elongation at Break D-638 10 mm / min % 5-15
Flexural Strength D-790 2 mm / min MPa 50-90
Flexural Modulus D-790 2 mm / min MPa 2000-4500
IZOD Impact Strength Notched D-256 3.2 mm, 23℃ KJ/m2 8-12
Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced PE Granules      
Heat Distortion Temperature D-648 0.45 MPa, 6.4 mm 70-120
Flammability UL-94 1.6 mm HB

Note: Typical values are the average data from laboratory. They are only for use reference and are not the standards for products.

Processing Conditions of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Granules

  Unit Range
Melt Temperature 120-160
Barrel Temperature Rear 120-140
Center 130-150
Front 140-160
Mold Temperature. 40
Mold Pressure   Pre-dry Requirements 60-80℃, 2-4 h

Note: The above-mentioned data is just for injection molding machine. According to different models, molds and specific requirements of products, we can make appropriate adjustments.


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