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Mineral Modified PP Granules(T10-T40)

PP is the base resin and it is evenly mixed with mineral powder and processing modifier in a high speed, mineral modified PP granules come into being after twin-screw kneading granulation. This product possesses excellent mechanical strength, excellent resistance to stress cracking, heat resistance and good workability. This mineral filled polypropylene is widely used for electroplating processing and injection molding. It is also applied in home appliances, automotive interior trim, electronic appliances and other fields.

Characteristics of Mineral Modified PP Granules (T10-T40)
1. This mineral filled polypropylene has good mineral modified property and excellent surface gloss.
2. It enjoys the advantages of high rigidity and good dimensional stability.
3. We can provide PP granules with different colors according to clients’ needs.

Technical Parameters of Mineral Modified PP Granules

Properties ASTM Test Condition Unit Typical Values
Physical Properties
Density D-792 23℃ g/cm3 1.05-1.25
Melt Flow Index D-1238 230℃ / 2.16 kg g/10min 5-10
Mold Shrinkage D-955 23℃ % 0.8-1.4
Mechanical Properties of Mineral Filled Polypropylene Granules
Tensile Strength D-638 10 mm / min MPa 30-40
Elongation at Break D-638 10 mm / min % 50-100
Flexural Strength D-790 2 mm / min MPa 45-60
Flexural Modulus D-790 2 mm / min MPa 1000-1800
IZOD Impact Strength Notched D-256 3.2 mm, 23℃ KJ/m2 10-30
Thermal Properties of Mineral Modified PP Granules
Heat Distortion Temperature D-648 0.45 MPa, 6.4 mm 110-130
Vicat Softening Temperature D1525 1 kg, 120℃/h 150-155
Flammability UL-94 1.6 mm HB

Note: Typical values are the average data from laboratory. They are only for use reference and are not the standards for products.

Processing Conditions of Mineral Filled Polypropylene Granules

  Unit Range
Melt Temperature 190-230
Barrel Temperature Rear 190-200
Center 210-220
Front 220-230
Mold Temperature. 50
Mold Pressure   Pre-dry Requirements 80-100℃, 2-4 h

Note: The above-mentioned data is just for injection molding machine. According to different models, molds and specific requirements of products, we can make appropriate adjustments.


Shanghai Info New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a China high-tech enterprise engaged in producing mineral modified PP granules. In addition to this mineral filled polypropylene, we also offer other high-performance and functional modified plastic particles, sheets and film products for sale, such as PP+POE granules, PE granules, PP+EPDM granules, polyethylene hydroxide granules, PE+magnesium hydrate granules, PE+aluminum hydrate granules, etc. With advanced technological equipment and tremendous technical strength, our company is capable of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing mineral modified PP granules. Our mineral filled polypropylene are well received by customers both home and abroad.