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Non-Halogen Flame Retardant

Non-halogen flame retardants usually refer to inorganic or organic flame retardants without halogen. They have been widely used as flame retardant materials. The new flame retardant system releases a small amount of smoke when burned and no toxic and corrosive gas is produced. Halogen-free flame retardant additives mainly include phosphorus compound and metal hydroxide. These two compounds are burned with no corrosive gas, so they are known as pollution-free flame retardants. There are also many new types of non-halogen flame retardants in accordance with international standards, such as silicon-based flame retardants and nitrogen-based flame retardants.

Our halogen-free flame retardants have excellent flame retardant properties. When they are burned, there is no volatile and corrosive gas. This product is environmental friendly and pollution-free.

1. Non-halogen flame retardant can be used for nylon, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, ammonium polyphosphate, MPP (Ciba M200), MCA, encapsulated red phosphorus and modified MCA.
2. Our halogen-free flame retardants are applied for fiber flame retardant nylon Clariant 1312 (1311), ammonium polyphosphate, MPP, 200A and encapsulated red phosphorus.
3. It is applicable as polyurethane TPU phosphate flame retardant, MPP, ammonium polyphosphate, 400A, Clariant OP series flame retardants.
4. Non-halogen flame retardant can be used for polyester PBT or PET phosphate flame retardants, MPP, MCA, Clariant OP1240, 300A and APP (Ammonium Polyphosphate).
5. Our halogen-free flame retardants are applied for SEBS, EVA Clariant OP, ATH, MH, encapsulated red phosphorus, zinc borate, ultra high molecular siloxane, 100D, etc.

1. DOPO Derivatives
Now people attach more and more importance to phosphorus-based non-halogen flame retardants. Polyphenol hydroxyl or amino derivative polymer can be used as a curing agent. The performance of cured epoxy resin is significantly different from brominated epoxy resin particularly in fire resistance and thermal stability
2. Intumescent Halogen-Free Flame Retardant
Nitrogen phosphorus flame retardants also include intumescent non-halogen flame retardant that plays a role mainly through the condensed phase.

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